Remy Ma, Doin’ Her Thing

I love Remy Ma and always loved her style. However, I find what I love about her most of late is her resilience. People can push and shove you, set the world before you, or the opposite – turn their back and say, “Catch up,” and not give you any rope, but a true survivor will still get it. They won’t stop. They won’t quit.  Only the strong survive but only the strong-willed persevere, and Remy has absolutely done just that. She did the damn thing and in style at that, I might add.


Remy and her husband Papoose have strategized well and used what they know about music, the industry, etc. to scroll right up to the top of our list of people to watch, support and follow. They showed us that YES! You can make a come back.


I would love to say many have tried and gave 200% on a come back, however, I think often times we believe the forces are against us before we even start; so, we either go at it sideways or not at all. However, when you look at Remy you see not only her going back at it, but some real hip hop qualities: Sisterhood.  Look at how she pulled Li’l Kim to do this single, and we have been waiting how long for a Li’l Kim single? Sisterhood! That’s straight sisterhood. All it took was for a sister to come from the heart and say, “Let’s get this,” and look at what we have; it’s golden, priceless – it’s Hip Hop. And might I add they look freakin MARVELOUUUS doing it! AMAZING!!! I Love Hip Hop!!! There are valuable lessons, culture and tradition in hip hop when you look beyond rapping. I’m Just Sayin’


We wonder, sometimes, why some things happen for some people. I think it’s more important to realize, which people it happens to; how’s your heart these days? If you clean your heart, not only will good things happen for you but they will happen to you. Remy received spotlight and she shared. Bravo Sis.

This is just my two cents and I support my sister Remy and guess what, we’ve not even met yet. See how Sisterhood works. I’m shouting out Remy for being a true hio hop Sister.

Truer Words were Never Spoken.

What my 3rd Grade Teacher Taught me About Being American, or Not

My teacher in 3rd grade, a white woman, told me that Red, White & Blue stands for: “Red blood in white skin that appears as blue veins and no one else.” She told me to always remember that’s what it stood for so I wouldn’t sell out to fit in.

Now tell me, what do I do with that?

I do not knock her, as she was a kind woman, always teaching me about black history. For example, she once said, “You know who Marcus Garvey is?” I said, “No.” She said, “Well, who is Malcom X?” I said, “I dunno.” She said who is Martin L. King?” I said, “He marched on Washington and was bit by dogs and fought for our rights.” She said, “You must know all of your leaders who lead and fought for you and your people.” That’s when I really began reading more.

The Red, White and Blue issue above still comes to mind though whenever I see a US flag or someone’s veins. Thing that make you go, hmmm, huh ~

One Who Loves You More

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One Who Loves You More

Woman With An Attitude: USA Women in the North East

I’m not angry, I’m Just Sayin’.

Now that i’m writing my books and touring all over the country, I’m hearing more and more of what people think about women from East Coast, namely, North East (PA, NY, NJ, MA and some even say MD). Initially, I’d heard some say that the black women in north east are angry or bitter. Now, I hear most say women from north east are abrupt, assertive, harsh, rough around the edges, etc., and rude, being short and to the point.

I don’t really know how to swallow this one. Of course I’m from north east, NJ/NY area, but, I do see a similarity in the women of those states mentioned, but, I think it’s the metropolitan environment that drives us to be assertive, and often wanting to be straight and to the point. Where we live, it is business as usual and we’re all in a rush to no where and must comply with this historical trend. We not only have to work to help the family continue onward, but, we also have an unseen elephant in the room at the workplace, which has everyone in the office seeking growth opportunities and of lately, fighting to keep their job. Where men are use to challenges like this in sports and just being a man, I believe this has women on edge and readily able to assert themselves, not to mention, have a voice in the workplace, which probably becomes a part of their personality AND is adopted by their children.

Moreover, a woman’s job isn’t over at 5pm when they leave the work place, their responsibilities to their families plentiful. When women clock out at work, they also have to race home or, race to pick up the kids and race home, drive up to 2 hours in traffic, avoiding accidents, stop at the grocery store and/or cook, help with homework, clean, put the kids to bed, pack lunch, care for husband and then get herself ready for the next day. A woman in our area may get to bed 10pm or 11pm at night and most directors or VP’s I know get to bed 1am or 2am in the morning, after they do more office work, waking up to coffee and traffic to be to work by 8am the next morning. I know, I’ve been there.

Although I can not say that I agree that we women north east of the country are as harsh as some may say, I do have to say things move faster here than it does in most parts of the country, and make us adjust to a straight and to the point attitude, which some may take as being short. I visit different places and the people are so calm and relaxed. Even in places where there is heavy traffic like the airport or the busy city streets, place like Atlanta, St. Louis, Richmond, etc., the people in the south and about are still calm and laid back after a work day, very serene, mostly. For us up north, there are definitely not enough hours in a day, so we may be a little straight and to the point, but it’s the nature of the beast, the metropolitan area that causes us to communicate in such a way. But, we’re definitely not gonna snatch your heads off your shoulders or behave like the women you see on reality shows, well, unless you’re dressed as a mugger and approaching, lol.

Hope this gives just a little insight on our plight and the trends that make us speak, act or react in the manner we do. But, please, don’t let reality shows make you put a people in a group as in our likeness, we are all our own person, yet different because of it.

I’m just sayin,

Andrea Clinton


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Pat G’orge Walker

Pat G'orge Walker

I want to send a big hug to my sister and friend Pat. Pat is a great author and hilarious comedian. Pat has worked in so many different areas, she brings a plethora of knowledge and experience to the table. These different professional experiences range from the music business to corporate.

Aside from being a professional with mounds of experience, Pat is also a lovely and caring person. I knew Pat for only a few years when we sat next to one another at an event. I was ill with lupus acting up and Pat grabbed my hand and began praying for me. It touched my heart because although we have different religious paths we walk to reach the same God, she wanted to ask for blessings for her sister, me. Where most of us are afraid to cross lines, Pat was afraid not to pray for me and so, she did. I knew then she was a special human being.

Pat has been nominated for Life Time Achievement Award and Humanitarian Award by People Helping People, Inc, a non-profit organization. The Awards ceremony and banquet is said to be scheduled in 2014.

To learn more about Pat, you can go to her site at: you can also visit her on facebook, at:

I love you Pat and hope to see you soon. Hugs for you and the family.
Your Friend and Sister,
Andrea Clinton