Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant Gives You One to Grow on

What can I say about, “The Woman With The Answers” (and given to you on a platter of which you can appreciate and enjoy listening to). Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant is one of my favorite people. She gives you what you NEED to hear, and sometimes, it’s words you’ve long since heard and appreciate when you receive them.

Dr. Grant wrote for over 25 years for Essence Magazine as an advice columnist.  Dr. Grant is a media psychologist, counselor, and advocate for sex education. She has specialized in assertiveness training, multicultural issues, affirmative action and sexual harassment among many others. Since the clips on the Michael Baisden show are short, I’m providing two for your listening pleasure. Please join us in Honoring Dr. Goldsby Grant at Rutgers University, Newark:

Dr Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant sets it straight on Michael Baisden Show, about sex, youth and how to deal with them both. You gotta love her and be sure to listen to her Words of Wisdom at Rutgers University Newark:

Click pictures to listen to two wonderful and informative forums:

Sex, Teens and Children addresses the issue

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