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If I Were a Hero

If I was a hero, this would be my costume, and that would be my Lab. My staff would be my pen, and I would write for you.

With This Eye

With This Eye

by Andrea Clinton
With this eye,

I thee wed

put away my fears

strive til I’m dead
push ahead full force

make my dreams come true

not let evil sway me

and pray my way through
work even harder

with every tear that falls

use writing to help folk

and duty always calls

RUBY SPARKS inspired my, The Husband

The character Calvin was challenged by his psychologist and the challenge in turn prompted a female character he wrote about that came to life. Seems although his character was whatever he wanted her to be, she still had much of a mind of her own and wants of her own, men, other men. Continue reading RUBY SPARKS inspired my, The Husband

I Met a Man in my Dream…

I had a dream that I married a man who was calm and collective, very laid back. I became calm and collective. We were just standing and I felt so harmonious. I wonder if THAT feeling or type of relationship really exist. Things that make you go, hmmmm.

“A Blessing and a Curse”

“Life Knows No Bound: A Blessing and a Curse”

…And so it was…

Finally, the cover of the 2nd novel in the “Life Knows No Bounds” series is complete. Debuting in February 2012, we can all look forward to this next novel to spell out more goodies from life’s infamous bag of tricks. If you thought it wasn’t easy being cheesy, wait ’til you get a load of Malika, who has the gift of foresight, which some call a blessing and she calls a curse.

Malika doesn’t know which way to turn as her life turns and tumbles upside down. After a lifetime of sacrifices for her family, Malika’s husband decides to kick her to the curb, along with the children and bills, leaving Malika distraught over her new position in life as a single mother.

Trying to find some refuge, Malika decides to take a vacation to the islands where she meets friends, learns about her gift and gains a new perspective on life, but, to what expense.

Stay tuned as we bring you the 2nd ย novel in the “Life Knows No Bounds” series.