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Remy Ma, Doin’ Her Thing

I love Remy Ma and always loved her style. However, I find what I love about her most of late is her resilience. People can push and shove you, set the world before you, or the opposite – turn their back and say, “Catch up,” and not give you any rope, but a true survivor will still get it. They won’t stop. They won’t quit.  Only the strong survive but only the strong-willed persevere, and Remy has absolutely done just that. She did the damn thing and in style at that, I might add.


Remy and her husband Papoose have strategized well and used what they know about music, the industry, etc. to scroll right up to the top of our list of people to watch, support and follow. They showed us that YES! You can make a come back.


I would love to say many have tried and gave 200% on a come back, however, I think often times we believe the forces are against us before we even start; so, we either go at it sideways or not at all. However, when you look at Remy you see not only her going back at it, but some real hip hop qualities: Sisterhood.  Look at how she pulled Li’l Kim to do this single, and we have been waiting how long for a Li’l Kim single? Sisterhood! That’s straight sisterhood. All it took was for a sister to come from the heart and say, “Let’s get this,” and look at what we have; it’s golden, priceless – it’s Hip Hop. And might I add they look freakin MARVELOUUUS doing it! AMAZING!!! I Love Hip Hop!!! There are valuable lessons, culture and tradition in hip hop when you look beyond rapping. I’m Just Sayin’


We wonder, sometimes, why some things happen for some people. I think it’s more important to realize, which people it happens to; how’s your heart these days? If you clean your heart, not only will good things happen for you but they will happen to you. Remy received spotlight and she shared. Bravo Sis.

This is just my two cents and I support my sister Remy and guess what, we’ve not even met yet. See how Sisterhood works. I’m shouting out Remy for being a true hio hop Sister.

Eartha Kitt Part II, Her Early Life, Emotional Interview

In this part of Eartha’s interview she reveals various types of abuse, foster care, abandoned by mother and more. This interview only made me love her more.

I’m glad however, that she made lemonade out of the lemons life dealt her. I’m also glad that she gave us a part of her through her entertainment. Hope you all enjoy her interview as much as I did.

Eartha Kitt Part I

The legendary and fabulous Eartha Kitt, sings and begins discussing a little bit about herself. I’m so amazed at Ms. Kitt and her work. I actually watched her in, “Lady Sings The Blues” with Nat King Cole and Ruby Dee. She a brilliant actress and her voice is amazing and one of a kind.

Every now and again you see a unique person who comes along with a talent you admire. But, even more rare is someone of her calibur, who comes along and more than stands the test of time, even when her life growing up was such that many probably wouldn’t be able to handle.

Please, see her video and then, check out part II of this amazing woman.