Michelle Obama Hugs the Queen;

People are really taking me there; they are really getting on my nerves. Why is it that Michelle Obama is being critized for accepting Queen Elizabeth’s hug with a return hug and embrace? It would be rude to be a stiff and do nothing, and it evidently was a show of affection on the Queens behalf and appreciation of it on the behalf of Michelle. Uuuuugh!

So, I guess London Bridges really will fall down now, this Nigg…had the nerves to come to England and…
Gimme’ a break!!!

People are truly getting on my nerves, especially with criticizing Obama for not really doing much and for the few things he’s done. As Mos Def said on Bill Maher show, “He’s only been in office a few months; give him some time to do something.”

I feel they wanted Bush and the republicans OUT, and so they’d have taken anyone in to do so. But now that he’s done it, became president, they’re ready to knock him.

I want to say, “Back up off of them and give them a break!!!” But I know only the walls will hear me, oh, and that fly in the corner. So, instead I will just write it here with hopes all will share it:

Back up off of them and give them a break!!!

I saw this picture and felt a need to share it with you,
may you feel my pain

Count Down Til We Publish

Okay, so, we’re at the count down on publishing the 1st series of novels for
Life Knows No Bounds, which is titled 1 Who Luvs U More. We’re very excited
and have added several people to our company to include a marketer, publicist, and

This novel has been ready but excited about putting out a novel that will capture
the audience’s attention, we’ve been tugging it back and forth. But, now’s the time.

We’ve even found a model to take a picture for the cover. She looks just like none
other than Lisa Raye from “All of Us,” and “Player’s Club.” I’ve discussed with her that she should really consider acting, so we’ll see what happens. But I gotta tell you, she acted well when portraying a sad and lonely Alisa, the main character of
“1 Who Luvs U More” for the front cover.

Well, I’ll be back to fill you in on the progression of our novel.
Love, Peace and Hair Grease,
“Did I say that outloud,”
Lyrically Ill

Ohio White Go Off on Obama

WOW!!! Did this old white man from Ohio just call Barak a Nigger or did
he catch himself and say negra?

Then they said if he becomes president the blacks will take
over – I am flabbergasted that some are so ignorant they actually
believe this.

Wow! So many in Ohio HATE Obama. I had heard there were a few who
did hate him and were saying and even tried to do some things to him but, WOW!
Hear their cry:

Fl. Woman BURNS Hubby’s Groin

A West Florida woman has been arrested after pouring scalding hot water on her husband’s groin, says authorities, says authorities.

52-year-old Maverna Theresa Turay of Manatee County was arrested by the Manatee Sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday. She was charged with aggravated battery with great bodily harm.

While Theresa Turay’s husband slept she boiled and tossed hot water on her husband’s groin. The result was second degree burns. Neighbors said when Theresa poured the water, Mr. Turay ran out of the house screaming. A family member called 911 for help.

Turay was flown to a Tampa hospital for treatment. Report show Theresa Turay had been drinking alcohol, and according to the Associated Press said she gave no reason for pouring the hot water on her mate. Lastly, the Manatee County judge set a $7,500 bond while hse sits in Manatee County Jail.
{Do you think she remembers what she did? Or did it take a drunk mind to set revenge on him for something he did to or with someone else, hmmm.}.

Presidential Election

Well the hats are off and they are fighting dirty. Democrats finally got moxy and are moving in for the kill. They say this Palin person, Gov. from Alaska is the Maverick in an effort to take away any thought that she is a “lady.” So she goes gunning for the black guy, but, shouldn’t she be going after the Vice. President? Or both? Oh, but I forgot, it’s minority (white woman) against minority(black man). I wonder if the Democrats got that memo, so that they can sick Biden on Mccain.

What a bunch of crap! What’s your thought on it?

Bernie Mac

i can’t believe i was just speaking about Bernie Mac talking about his moher and now he’s gone. What are we to do when our comedians die and leave us with that much less laughter in the world?

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