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When to Say, ‘When’

Good Morning. Thought I would share this with the writers among us:

“When to Say When”
I’m working on this film script, an adaptation of a character from my first book. It was an easy write bcuz that character, in her own right developed into her own book series, which is practically written. So, I merely had to cut and paste, as well as get out of my own way – get out of my head.

So, I did a li’l self therapy and said, ‘Self, just freakin do it and be done. We’re tired of haggling over the small stuff.’ And so, i got my favorite snacks, water, put my son on dinner-duty and powered through. 2-3 days of this script.


And it’s my own fault, too excited, nervous about new adventures, etc., so, i worked with my nerves on edge. But, now that I’m done with the 1st draft, I saved a RAW uncut version, then took a short 3 hour break and tried to go back to the script with my Samurai sword to cut out the gobbledygook (unnecessary crap written). I barely made it through the 1st scene when I realized I was in overdrive/needed to wind down. So, I pushed away from the computer for the weekend. You’d think this Saturday and Sunday was enough time away, binge watching Netflix series and movies, but, our bodies have rights over us and they dictate when it’s time to go back and when to say, ‘When.’ Overdrive, is the least productive state to be in, in the arts when creating. It won’t be our professional, nor artistic best. So, with Saturday & Sunday under my belt/away from script, I’m gonna take another day or so. It’s more important that I gain back that drive, the vigor and excitement of this realism I deem to attack via film, than to just get done. So, I said ‘When.’ I’ve also learned over the years that knowing when to say ‘when’ is key to happiness and success. So, I’d urge you to acknowledge when you’re in overdrive and then, step back for a breather.

Thought I would share. May the Creator of Heaven and Earth guide, bless and protect us on our writing journey, amen.

I Am Not Your Negro

My favorite quote by James Baldwin, “I am not a Nigger, and if you think I am, it’s because you need one.”

People do not realize the weight of those words. Often times, people need someone to hate, so they create someone when there is no one or reason to hate. So, if you think we are Nigger, it’s because you need a Nigger/you need someone to hate.

HISTORICALLY speaking, in USA, we all know this to be true because when the blacks and Latino and Asian aren’t around, folk look to hate the Jews. There are so many mixed race people that these are the end of days when people even have anyone left they can hate because of so much mixing over the last century, and they are holding on for dear life.  For if there is no Latino, Black, Jewish, Muslim…to hate, then, who will they have to hate. I’m afraid it may have never occurred to them that they could love. Heck, like, admire, appreciate–accept.

How a Strawberry did Me In

So I was settling in from my flight from Atlanta just trying to relax and let the jet lag wear off, when eating strawberry ice cream my lips began to swell. Now I know what you’re saying I’m probably allergic to strawberries.  However, this has never happened to me before. I had strawberries about 2 weeks ago and several times throughout the summer. I don’t understand what happened but it is Turkey Hill strawberry ice cream and so I wonder if maybe the company they bought their strawberries from uses pesticides. Hmmm, just a thought.

I can’t think of anything else, any other reason my lips swole, but I am afraid of strawberry ice cream. All the while, I yern two scoops at this very moment. I know, just knowing that I cannot have it makes me want it more. Such is life. No, really such is life, for me anyway.

Truer Words were Never Spoken.

Watch “August Wilson’s Legacy (Working In The Theatre #354)” on YouTube

As I watched the panel discussion about August Wilson I realize that I am not that complex a playwright. Learning more about August Wilson I’m realizing that it is just the nature of the Beast. It is our vision that is directing us. I don’t even think we are in control. I guess I can stop being so hard on myself.

What a Day

Today was no typical day, it was pick on Andrea day.

Angry GIRL.bmp

I think today was one of those days that people stood on a line and took turns at me. Why are so many people lacking in Customer Service?  They make you feel like you are imposing on their time. What is the world coming to when you do  not have a nice customer service representative to ask questions?

Has anyone out there in I’m Just Sayin’ land experienced such a thing? When did the rules change? Was it when they began to Outsource a lot of the customer service jobs to different countries? Where are the customer service training workshops? Maybe they don’t care anymore. Whatever the case is something needs to be done about it. How can the company or Corporation expect to make money if they are not providing a comfortable environment  and service? If people do not get the help that they need they will walk out of the establishment & go to a more user-friendly and customer service oriented company.

What say you?

Andrea Clinton


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