Everday’s a Good Day

Yaaaaass, you woke up this morning so, I think it’s safe to say that today is a good day. It’s best we start looking at it like that, because crap will happen regardless. So every opportunity to see today as … Continue reading Everday’s a Good Day

How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship? Ladies, gentlemen, many of us will fight for our love. Some of us will go farther than others. In fact, many of us will actually FIGHT.  Others of us will do some things we wouldn’t ordinarily do. So, I ask you today, how far are  you willing to go? How far would you go to preserve your relationship? Steal? Lie? Play games? Check cell phone text and messages? Check wallet? Follow them? Hire a detective? Put cameras around? How low will you go? Continue reading How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

Michelle Obama Hugs the Queen;

People are really taking me there; they are really getting on my nerves. Why is it that Michelle Obama is being critized for accepting Queen Elizabeth’s hug with a return hug and embrace? It would be rude to be a stiff and do nothing, and it evidently was a show of affection on the Queens behalf and appreciation of it on the behalf of Michelle. Uuuuugh! So, I guess London Bridges really will fall down now, this Nigg…had the nerves to come to England and…Gimme’ a break!!! People are truly getting on my nerves, especially with criticizing Obama for not … Continue reading Michelle Obama Hugs the Queen;