Weight Loss is a Must – This is it!!!

 It is on like popcorn. I’m losing weight and that’s that. I’ve made up my mind. THAT’S IT!!! Gosh darn-it! (I wonder if that will work).  No, I’m making it a point to truly and honestly lose weight and become healthy. Sooo many issues arise from being over weight and I won’t have any part of it. So, I’m going to start by eating right, stretching, and cardio of some sort, i don’t know what sort, but pray for me. We plan but the creator is the best planner. Feel free to comment any suggestions for juicing, smoothies, recipes, etc. … Continue reading Weight Loss is a Must – This is it!!!

“A Blessing and a Curse” Gets its 1st Amazon Review 5 Stars

I’m sooooo overly excited about the next book. All the comments and my 1st review by Joan Nyobe, on Amazon, has inspired me to push full steam ahead on the next book, “Where Do We Go From Here.” I tell all those who say I write with the same creativity that my uncle George Clinton does, “I can only imagine how strong you’ll feel about that point when you read, “Where Do We Go From Here” as I allowed myself to really go out there and grab the characters and their circumstances for that story. The 1st Five books in … Continue reading “A Blessing and a Curse” Gets its 1st Amazon Review 5 Stars

TSA Agent Pats Lady to Tears

Woman is seen crying her eyes out over a pat down by a TSA agent at an airport in USA. While I feel her pain, having gone through pat downs and had women go up between the legs, starting their pat down at the top of your crotch, I don’t know if it was worth all of the crying. But then, Buella didn’t pat me down like she did the lady in pink in the video Huffington Post is sending across the nation. However, a poll was taken asking if pat downs are too much or if saying they’re an … Continue reading TSA Agent Pats Lady to Tears

Been Away For a Minute, Please 4Give me :(

Tupac, Dre & Snoop Ok, so, it’s been a minute, I’ve been away. I haven’t personally published anything but did ask that somethings be put up, but ok, i’m back anyway. Miss you all and sorry for the delay xoxoxo. But we’re on and poppin again, sooooo,  what’s new besides the fact that Tupac was in concert with Snoop & Dr. Dre? Yes, I saw it and it just touched my heart. But, I don’t know if this new hologram thing will allow folk to Rest in Peace? What’s your take on this? A few people on twitter sort of … Continue reading Been Away For a Minute, Please 4Give me 😦

Thanks For Your Support!!!

I would like to thank all of you who have supported me by purchasing, “One Who Loves You More” from the Life Knows No Bounds series. I’m glad you love it and are referring friends to buy it. I can’t wait until you read the 2nd book in the Life Knows No Bounds series, which is titled, “A Blessing and a Curse” I have a BONUS for you though. I had a story come to me when I was out shopping and I ran to put it down for  you, the title is “Dollar Red.” Then there was the story … Continue reading Thanks For Your Support!!!

Outlaw Interviews Andrea Clinton

I love interviewing with Outlaw. She is the bomb, lol. I know I’m old school but whatever, lol. When you make a connection with a radio personality & DJ, it’s a good feeling. I guess because I love being a friend of the show. It’s another place you can call home. Your radio friend is representative of the audience who’s listening in. When they speak, they are the voice of the people, their people. So, you befriend the medium and you befriend the people and that is a great feeling. So, to all my family out there, I will be … Continue reading Outlaw Interviews Andrea Clinton

White Slave Children Used to Fundraise

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I might have a hard time believing it. I initially thought these children were white children who were slaves. I thought a whole new chapter was opening up in our history. However, turns out, they are mulatto, or as the Native Americans called them, half-breeds. Yes, they are half white, half black children. Well, seems they wanted money for a school and thought black kids wouldn’t win over the sympathy of the white folk up north, so, they put these kids up and said they were white and needed a school. … Continue reading White Slave Children Used to Fundraise