A Blessing and a Curse

Around-The-Way Publishing, LLC NEWS: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ANDREA CLINTON, NIECE OF GEORGE CLINTON, REVEALS The Gift ofEntertaining Knows No Boundaries East Orange, NJ, January4, 2012 – Andrea Clinton, niece of the legendary George Clinton, ofParliament/Funkadelic, has done it again. Andrea has bought her long awaited 2ndbook in the, “Life Knows No Bounds” series into fruition. “A Blessingand a Curse” a novel, is set for publication on February 1, 2012 on eBook andin paperback February 15, 2012.             In “A Blessing and a Curse” Malikahas the life every woman wants, a hardworking husband who makes it happenfinancially; kids, both adopted as well … Continue reading A Blessing and a Curse