Everday’s a Good Day

Yaaaaass, you woke up this morning so, I think it’s safe to say that today is a good day. It’s best we start looking at it like that, because crap will happen regardless. So every opportunity to see today as … Continue reading Everday’s a Good Day


I can’t believe, we’ve been praying for Japan and then, we get hit with a quake. A 5.9 earthquake shakes the east coast on many levels. The Epicenter of the quake wasn’t even a mile deep, but was felt from NC to NY & RI. Many were buzzing about the quake on twitter and Facebook, afraid, not knowing what more to expect. Then there were those like me, conspiracy theorist who are watching, eyes wide open just to be sure and on alert that there is nothing else we should be concerned about. So far a few aftershocks were noted … Continue reading EARTHQUAKE SHOOK THE EARTH