Jussie Smollette Found Not Guilty!


March 26, 2019, Jussie Smollette was relieved from all charges. There was evidently little to no corroborating evidence to find him guilty and punish him by law. After being dragged through the mud, his fans feeling disappointed, peers turning away, according to the media, Jussie is found NOT GUILTY.

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The COLD🥶😱

What to do when the cold over takes you, then you are bombarded by nice weather only for the cold to overtake you again? Is cocoa enough (coffee or tea incl.). Are we putting on our thermals? Why not, if not? Where’d you buy them; are they on sale? Did they see the groundhog’s shadow yet? WE ARE FREEZING OUT HERE🥶 What’s a girl to do but blog about it? Sit and hope for a warmer day without us getting arthritis 😳. Anywho, how are you fairing in this cold?   I’m Just Sayin’ Continue reading The COLD🥶😱