POVERTY in & of itself

I don’t know about the outlook You mentioned but I will say for the people lived in the projects or not since the ’60s it had always been said that it was a project put together by The Man (white man) to keep the black man down. The stacking of them in tall building was due to them not wanting to give much land to is as the people with the most land rule, so instead, they stacked us & with it were other fringe benefits for them, prison for us. Later there were psychiatric studies that showed the Chang … Continue reading POVERTY in & of itself

March & Protest or Rebellion?

First, let me say I saw on the news a while back that most of the groups marching are just trying to get their recruit #’s up by marching & complaining about the Stay Home order. I just can not help but wonder, if blacks, Latino etc. marched on the capital of their state with guns, under the same laws & rights to bear arms, etc & state laws, IF the response would be the same – OR, would there be police out there or, the national guards, etc. And would they declare martial law suddenly? It LOOKS LIKE, the … Continue reading March & Protest or Rebellion?

Why The Wire is a Brilliant TV Show

One, just one simple thing that made The Wire great is that although there was a huge cast, their website literally had a page listing those characters and their role & some backstory. So if you did get confused as to who is who, you had a resource to go look them up. Additionally, the series was so interesting, you WANTED to go look them up. Barksdale missing so much in the series drove us, the audience nuts. Not only could they not catch him in early episodes, but we didn’t see him as much as we expected, based on … Continue reading Why The Wire is a Brilliant TV Show

Generation Z

They say Gen. Z will bring the world back to humanity because they are better Communicators.

Where millennials are reactors to Gen x, and they comfortably and happily adapt to Baby Boomer’s ways & ideals, Gen. Z on the other hand, will communicate so well

Notice Baby Boomer vs. Generation X commonalities

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Diet, Diet – Yeah, Yeah!

I’ve gotten to a point, about 15 years ago where I noticed, when I put 4 hours btwn my meals I lose weight & when I add exercise I lose FAST and a LOT of weight at that. All the other diets made me suffer. Calorie counting isn’t bad when I do it on app with meal every 4 hours & exercise – it’s

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This is very different that a range rover is driving around Newark, NJ, shooting, robbing & killing random citizens. Had it been in one city, it’d be concerning, but maybe not as eerie, but one incident was in North Newark, think North on the Garden State Parkway and the other was in Irvington, 2 cities over from North Newark and a smaller city at that. See video in the link https://abc7ny.com/search-for-masked-gunmen-in-fatal-new-jersey-shooting/5293953/ These incidents appear random, however, police are investigating and ABC News states the police department says they are very motivated to get to the bottom of this. I’ll keep … Continue reading CRIME SPREE IN NEWARK & IRVINGTON, NJ

Jussie Smollette Found Not Guilty!


March 26, 2019, Jussie Smollette was relieved from all charges. There was evidently little to no corroborating evidence to find him guilty and punish him by law. After being dragged through the mud, his fans feeling disappointed, peers turning away, according to the media, Jussie is found NOT GUILTY.

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The COLDπŸ₯ΆπŸ˜±

What to do when the cold over takes you, then you are bombarded by nice weather only for the cold to overtake you again? Is cocoa enough (coffee or tea incl.). Are we putting on our thermals? Why not, if not? Where’d you buy them; are they on sale? Did they see the groundhog’s shadow yet? WE ARE FREEZING OUT HEREπŸ₯Ά What’s a girl to do but blog about it? Sit and hope for a warmer day without us getting arthritis 😳. Anywho, how are you fairing in this cold? Β  I’m Just Sayin’ Continue reading The COLDπŸ₯ΆπŸ˜±