Where Do We Go From Here

COMING SPRING 2015 Geeda spends most of her life growing up around the hard streets and ghetto, placing value and working toward a healthy life on the other side of the fence. However, when her husband is away on business longer than normal, Geeda loses it and surounded by the wealthy insane, finds out the hard way that life isn’t greener on the other side. Instead, it’s a different kind of madness and a life she wants nothing more to do with. Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here

…And he Called me Nigger

This poem has so much history. I have to wonder how long Countee thought about what happened before it actually kicked in that the boy was being racist. I mean, when I was eight, I was in 3rd grade and I heard blacks using the word, “Nigger” so much that if a white kid called me Nigger, I’m not sure if I would’ve been bothered by it. I think I would’ve been more upset at the fact that he stuck his tongue out at me. I wonder what that means. Do we give names or words too much power? Is this anguish over the use of the name/slur, Nigger, taught? Was I simply just young and didn’t know the weight of this word? I wonder. Well, I didn’t learn the significance of the racial slur, Nigger, until the next year when Alex Haley bought us Roots on Broadcast Television. Anyway, here’s Countee Cullen’s poem, Incident.

“Incident,” by Countee Cullen

Once riding in old Baltimore,

Heart-filled, head-filled with glee,

I saw a Baltimorean

Keep looking straight at me.

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How To Continue Living Onward

It’s easy, keep breathing. When we lose a loved one, as much as it hurts, we have to use everything in our power to continue forward. It’s hard, especially when it’s a loved one. But, it is what it is. This is why I started the “Life Knows No Bounds” series. I wanted to address the issue of life. The matter is life. It is what it is. Life keeps on going whether you are a part of it or not. Sometimes when we lose someone we don’t care. We just wanna die as well. But life will argue, “Well … Continue reading How To Continue Living Onward

A Blessing and a Curse

Around-The-Way Publishing, LLC NEWS: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ANDREA CLINTON, NIECE OF GEORGE CLINTON, REVEALS The Gift ofEntertaining Knows No Boundaries East Orange, NJ, January4, 2012 – Andrea Clinton, niece of the legendary George Clinton, ofParliament/Funkadelic, has done it again. Andrea has bought her long awaited 2ndbook in the, “Life Knows No Bounds” series into fruition. “A Blessingand a Curse” a novel, is set for publication on February 1, 2012 on eBook andin paperback February 15, 2012.             In “A Blessing and a Curse” Malikahas the life every woman wants, a hardworking husband who makes it happenfinancially; kids, both adopted as well … Continue reading A Blessing and a Curse

How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship? Ladies, gentlemen, many of us will fight for our love. Some of us will go farther than others. In fact, many of us will actually FIGHT.  Others of us will do some things we wouldn’t ordinarily do. So, I ask you today, how far are  you willing to go? How far would you go to preserve your relationship? Steal? Lie? Play games? Check cell phone text and messages? Check wallet? Follow them? Hire a detective? Put cameras around? How low will you go? Continue reading How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

New Book "A Blessing and A Curse" by Andrea Clinton Fall 2011

…And so it was… Finally, the cover of the 2nd novel in the “Life Knows No Bounds” series is complete. Debuting in the fall 2011, we can all look forward to this next novel to spell out more goodies from life’s infamous bag of tricks. If you thought it wasn’t easy being cheesy, wait ’til you get a load of Malika, who has the gift of foresight, which some call a blessing and she calls a curse. Malika doesn’t know which way to turn as her life turns and tumbles upside down. After a lifetime of sacrifices for her family, … Continue reading New Book "A Blessing and A Curse" by Andrea Clinton Fall 2011

Giving a Shout Out:

Hello all. I haven’t been here for a while. I know you have been coming and reading, but, not writing. I’m sorry I had the join to write setting on. But, I’m taking it off so anyone can make a post. I appreciate your feedback on the book, and all the support. I will post more into regarding the book release party along with pictures very soon. Anyway, just wanted to give shout out and I promise to post more often. Thanks a bunch.Andrea aka Samirah aka Renee’ Continue reading Giving a Shout Out: