I, Andrea Clinton, guest and contributing reviewers come here to share our reviews. Here is where we review restaurants, businesses, movies, theatre’s, plays, airlines, and more. Our guest reviewees receive up to 5 Stars and a thumbs up, or are  snatched up & ripped to shreds via the Pen. Read on and see what our reviewers have to say

Because some guest reviewers may chew certain folk up in their review and spit them out, let me make a disclaimer now that, the views of visiting or contributing reviewers are not necessarily the views of Andrea Clinton, me. Even if I get a good laugh at it. Please, if there is a business, film, etc., you’d like to see reviewed, complete the form below and include the business address or details. Include your info. so we can send you a message or…

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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