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Andrea Clinton is the niece of legendary funk master George Clinton, Author of Life Knows No Bounds: One Who Loves You More~her books take you from this world & into many others. "Endlessly entertaining," - Midwest Book Review


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H. I. T. S. the series

Producing H. I. T. S. the series, pt. 1:

You have these expectations, these storylines, and you go BIG. Then, you, time after time, realize you can not fudge it all into the beginning, the pilot.

Some will need to play out over time, or be their own project.



Helpful Food Tips

I really cannot believe these tips for fresher food. I could ramble on but I would prefer you watch the video so we can begin preserving our food to last longer, and so that we stop spending and wasting so much:

Watch “Omar–Na’jee–Butter” on YouTube

Hey, have you seen this scene performed by some of the actors in my up coming series? H.I.T.S series is human trafficking comes to the hood. These are just a few characters in the series. Omar who is a street concierge😉is out with his mother and brother in a coffee shop, when family squabbles…well, you’ll see.

Be sure to share the link and ask your friends and family to watch and share as we prepare to film this series we will pitch to Netflix & others upon completion. Thanks for your support.

What it Means to Support – H.I.T.S series

I learned a long time ago that everyone is made differently. Not everyone wants to be President, a doctor, attorney, celebrity, a fashion designer or model. Some people just want simplicity. Some like numbers and so want to be an accountant, while others may like numbers, but by way of accounts payable. Some people get a joy out of teaching while others by helping others – be they a nurse or nursing assistant. Not everyone wants to be in the public eye.

What I do notice, though, are those who want to be in the spotlight, their fate relies on those who do not to either vote, support them by sharing content on social media, or they rely on their donation or purchase. Not one person within the public eye has ever succeeded without the support of others.

I and the cast and crew of H.I.T.S the series are no different25275710_1510932779.9938_funddescriptionand the people have been kind in giving us donations both through crowdfunding and in person. So, I wanted to Blog and THANK EVERYONE who has supported my endeavors in any way, shape or form. I have been brought to grateful tears by the growing number of people who have showed loyalty by helping me just that much further along. Your monetary contributions, donation of spaces, goods, services, sharing via social media and so many other expressions of love are indescribably appreciated.

As myself, co-producers, cast and crew members work diligently to bring you this series we want to offer you an enormous “THANK YOU” in glitter and sparkling lights for all of your support.

We’ve learned so much through the H.I.T.S series, this narrative that: shines light on human trafficking, offers awareness, do’s and don’ts, and aspires the good people in the world to be heroes in their own way to eliminate human trafficking.

THANK YOU for supporting us, because in supporting us, you join us ending this fungus among us called human trafficking.

For those who would like to make a donation please visit

Thank You

My Bucket List

Well, it’s the foundation of any bucketlist, right? So, I’m good. I’m ready. Now to start filling it with plans, things to do.

You Are One Decision Away…

We make decisions to do different things for different reasons. Oftentimes those decisions are based on a self-gratifying want to make life comfortable for ourselves. However there are those times when we make a decision on impulse. Impulse has proven to often times not be our friend.

Instead of selfishly or impulse decisions that can change our lives forever, take a second and think about your choices, maybe even a minute or an hour. The choices that we make can change the rest of our lives and they don’t just affect our lives, but others we love.


Let’s make wise decisions: with age comes wisdom; a wise man learns from his mistakes; look before you leap; consider the repercussions…