Is Amazon our SKYNET😳

😆I told you Amazon is Skynet in the making. We will rely on them so much they will run the world. Seems ridiculous right? That’s how it’s gonna happen. They will source all of our needs, we’ll be thankful…


In the film Terminator:
Skynet was one of the greatest & sophisticated artificial intelligence companies. It was initially created to be a military intelligence network. Their purpose was suppose to be to co-ordinate military hardware for the US gov. But somewhere along the line this intelligence became self-aware, with that it Began seeing humans and as a threat (I guess because there’s always many of us who feel all this futuristic & technology is bad for us & will come back to bite us🙋🏽‍♀️that’s me, I’m one of those who think that).

So Skynet who in later years was mostly machine/robot run determined to preserve its existence, it had to terminate the life of the human race. So, Skynet took control of the US nuclear arsenal & nuked other countries. Those nukes killed 3 billion human lives and Earth became a wasteland of near extinction. The people left on earth named that day, “Judgement Day.” The people who lived, united in a war against these intelligent machines that took over.

They had to fight for the human race to survive

Amazon will be so revered & necessary that I joke & say it’s on its way to becoming SKYNET (the owner is talking about us moving in outter space). Some have agreed with me about corporations making us so reliant, stating it’s not funny because, once a corporation/Amazon & other big ones become a monopoly, they run our gov & thus run the country and soon BOOM! Or the least case scenario, they control our day to day & it’ll be slavery of a different kind. This is why our government supposedly assures there are no such monopolies. But Amazon is on its way, or have they arrived? Potato, Potaatoe 🤷🏽‍♀️

The people had to militarize themselves

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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