POVERTY in & of itself

I don’t know about the outlook You mentioned but I will say for the people lived in the projects or not since the ’60s it had always been said that it was a project put together by The Man (white man) to keep the black man down. The stacking of them in tall building was due to them not wanting to give much land to is as the people with the most land rule, so instead, they stacked us & with it were other fringe benefits for them, prison for us. Later there were psychiatric studies that showed the Chang in aggressiveness among the black & Latino ppl were due to the living conditions & being stacked over one another vs. living in houses spread apart by 50+ feet. They found ppl in houses were less aggressive, more friendly & happy vs. ppl in projects who suffered a form of claustrophobia that inhibited mostly negative reactions to the living quarters, even upon themselves. Since we didn’t have anywhere to live in 60s 70s…it beat homelessness. But little did we know the adverse affects of being stacked over one another & closed in on our mental health.

There was a test done by psychologist with two mice to put one in a nasty urine smell feces infested disgusting cage with no amenities They put the other mouse in a cage with a bed pictures a little painter running and a ball of the little things and amenities. They considered the one in the dirty cage the poor mouse and the other the rich mouse.

Poor Mouse

The poor mouse hardly ate, continued to urine and leave feces anywhere, was depressed and aggressive at times, just sat and laid and did nothing.

Rich Mouse

The rich mouse was happy most times, slept on the bed, sometimes it would run around in the cage and on the wheel and sometimes it would push the ball around and it ate food on a regular basis and only pooped in a small corner.

After a certain amount of months observing these mice they switched them into the other’s environment. Initially they both stood stiff out of shock of being moved.

Poor Mouse, New clean environment

Eventually the poor mouse begin to enjoy his new lavish environment, slowly but surely testing everything out and even pooped in the corner with the other poop and became happy. In time he was running on the wheel and life was grand.

Rich Mouse, Poor Poverty Environment

The rich mouse, now living in the poor mouses cage slowly but surely became depressed and he pooped everywhere because there was poop and urine everywhere. He sat still most of the time unlike he did and his other environment, he hardly ate and became aggressive.

After a couple of months they switched the mice back, and again it took time before they would succumb to their environment. The poor mouse, back home now, immediately went into depression and soon aggression and stayed still at other times hardly moving. The rich mouse, back home now, slowly but surely began to enjoy his amenities and happiness of being back home.

The take away for the psychologist was that environment and poverty play a key role in how mice and likely animals or people succumb to their environment. If they are not fed, or have no means of getting food, and are caged, they will succumb to their aggressive, violent behavior and depression. If they have more freedom, activities and eat or are able to get their meal on a regular basis, they are more likely to live freer and happier lives.

My take away, as much as I despise mice, that was animal cruelty and Indo not approve. However, having lived in several communities and environments, I have to say, this is an absolute true assessment.

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