March & Protest or Rebellion?

First, let me say I saw on the news a while back that most of the groups marching are just trying to get their recruit #’s up by marching & complaining about the Stay Home order.

I just can not help but wonder, if blacks, Latino etc. marched on the capital of their state with guns, under the same laws & rights to bear arms, etc & state laws, IF the response would be the same – OR, would there be police out there or, the national guards, etc. And would they declare martial law suddenly?

It LOOKS LIKE, the ppl gov have to  worry about are these people with all the privilege that are in these groups 路‍♀️. And I believe the reason cops are not out there, or national guards is because they know something would pop off with these groups, not the peaceful protest Black folks have & the result would be bad & other hate groups would start…  My opinion 路‍♀️

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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