Diet, Diet – Yeah, Yeah!

I’ve gotten to a point, about 15 years ago where I noticed, when I put 4 hours btwn my meals I lose weight & when I add exercise I lose FAST and a LOT of weight at that. All the other diets made me suffer. Calorie counting isn’t bad when I do it on app with meal every 4 hours & exercise – it’s

never failed me. But cutting carbs completely totally drives me back to the crack that is carbs. Cutting fat/meats my digestive system feels better but I notice so goes a portion of my energy & strength + I love meat(usually just eat chicken, turkey & fish).

When I let ppl convince me & feel strong enough to do no carbs for a while, I get confused on what to eat as I don’t like many veggies. And I stop eating, not wanting to break my goal and I end up getting sick. So after so many times of confusion, I decided to stick to what I know for works for my system: 4 hours btwn meals, exercise & 1200 calories (1300 max). And I’m walking etc. when I can.

I don’t think ppl understand how confusing these diet shenanigans can be. It becomes quite complex, difficult & sad.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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