Jussie Smollette Found Not Guilty!


March 26, 2019, Jussie Smollette was relieved from all charges. There was evidently little to no corroborating evidence to find him guilty and punish him by law. After being dragged through the mud, his fans feeling disappointed, peers turning away, according to the media, Jussie is found NOT GUILTY.


As I watched Jussie walk into the court hearing, I noticed he had a look of both confidence and sadness. His world was rocked upside down and he very well could’ve been set up by someone to be robbed. Instead, the victim became the perpetrator and hadn’t even faced the judge or a jury of his peers. Instead, he was found guilty in public opinion based on “The News” media and social media.

This is exactly why I do not waver in my opinion about these media hyped trends that witch hunt people without some sort of proof and background evidence to solidify their stance. In a case like this, I would at best, sit back, watch and wait to see what the end result is.

I knew in my spirit that somebody set Smollette up, somewhere along the line of this story and maybe even from the beginning, the robbery.

To think, on my social medias, some people literally LAUGHED at me & made comments like I was slow or delusional because I didn’t believe he was guilty; because of the so-called evidence that was based on the words of the two extras on the show, the head of the police, and because he grew more guilty each day in the public eye, I was suppose to believe the crap they set before us?  Nooooo.  It doesn’t work like that. Proof is proof and someone else’s words or because it looked like he was guilty is NOT enough to convict someone.  Word to the wise, “You don’t know ’til you know.”

We beat celebrities & one another up sooo badly, then when they die, or something bad happens to them, we have so much remorse and sometimes we feel bad for how we put them down. Let’s leave that sort of judgment and verbal brutality at The Apollo Theatre. We, as a people have to be more compassionate and have enough proof, not hearsay, before we condemn someone; this is someone’s life. I know that our LIKE’s on social media, comments and opinions have POWER!  But, let’s take it easy and be fair.

I’m just sayin’,


One thought on “Jussie Smollette Found Not Guilty!

  1. This is butterscotch I don’t know what to think about this actor I’m kind of disappointed that he would do something so scandalous Is Awesome on Empire

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