What’d You Get For Xmas?

What does your holiday look like so far? Did you wake up early? Did you run to the tree? Did you have a tree this year? What was the first gift you opened? What’s your favorite gift?

This is an exciting day of the year where many in the nation and around the world get to give gifts and open them. Some celebrate Christmas and some, like myself do not, but give thank you gifts to family and friends who give you gifts each year. Overall, it’s quiet outside, it’s joyous, it’s usually a pleasant occasion and holiday, but, how are you spending yours? Share with us below. Inquiring minds want to know.

Just when you think you’ve messed it all up,
How holiday cheer works.

I know this time of year is not as pleasant for some as it is for others, find solace where you can, and I for one am sending you a warm and sincere hug and embrace. Let us take to our hearts and remember those we love who are no longer with us, and you know what else might be fun, let’s remember a gift they gave. I’ll start:

I remember my aunt Cheryl. The gift she gave me, which was her usual, was advice. She said, “Write, write write your way to success. Don’t give up, you got IT!” One of the best gifts I ever – EVER received, especially because writing takes a lot of hard work and time and sometimes does not advance your career, which makes you question hanging in there. I remember, love and appreciate that gift. What about you? What is one of the best gifts a dearly departed loved one bestowed upon you.

Hugs and best wishes for a blessed day with friends and family. Now, let’s see what you all comment below.

Andrea Clinton, Writer, Producer, Director

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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