2018 Lessons Learned

2019 is Coming. Since January is the month at the top of the calendar, don’t you want to be ready to go there starting your year off right? Let’s talk “Dividing Your Time.”

I’ve learned plenty. However, the lesson that stands out most is learning or realizing that your life has to be balanced. We cannot give any one thing 100% of our time and attention, there are just too many other things and people in our lives that need attention, and when these things are overlooked or neglected, it causes issues and if you’re sensitive like me, your world begins to feel like it’s crumbling around you. I know this, like many of you and yet I still put my all into which ever project I’m working on letting it consume my world. You’d think I didn’t know to balance it all out. Yes, to those like me, there is a balance, as ritual as it may seem, it helps.

Let’s take it from the minute our day begins. As we get older, we understand that we must for one, ward off all evil by waking up thanking the Creator for another day so, we begin our day in prayer. Then, we eat a li’l breakfast, take vitamins and stretch, do a li’l work out. Thereafter, we bathe and get to work, be it from home or the 9 to 5 we have to jet through traffic to get to. We, many of us will pay our bills or handle other business on our lunch hour. Then, we’re back to work looking at the clock. We end our day either picking up our kids or going to the grocer/supermarket and going home. Then there’s the God-awful traffic

If we have a pet, we walk our dog or…there’s usually not enough hours in a day so we are often preparing for the next day, be it our clothes, lunch, breakfast or that of our kids or spouse or…We have other unmentionable duties prior to bed, or maybe not so unmentionable, but then we’re off to sleep. And we awaken to the same and we’re blessed if we like our job, or have friends to complain to on the job, just to get through these 365 days a year before we vacation.

This is the norm, give or take or replace a few things. It’s not hard. It’s time allotted for all the things we need to do including exercise, which we realize was always suppose to be a thing as we get older (((sigh))). What to do – well, I guess as previously stated, we must remember that ALL of our time cannot be consumed by any one thing or person. There is plenty to do, handle and take care of just so life is as comfortable as we can make it. So, no one thing can monopolize all of our time. Simply put.

Feel free to comment your opinion, strategy, or other. I’m sure others like myself would like to hear how you manage and get through it all.

Andrea Clinton, Writer, Director, Producer, Showrunner

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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