What it Means to Support – H.I.T.S series

I learned a long time ago that everyone is made differently. Not everyone wants to be President, a doctor, attorney, celebrity, a fashion designer or model. Some people just want simplicity. Some like numbers and so want to be an accountant, while others may like numbers, but by way of accounts payable. Some people get a joy out of teaching while others by helping others – be they a nurse or nursing assistant. Not everyone wants to be in the public eye.

What I do notice, though, are those who want to be in the spotlight, their fate relies on those who do not to either vote, support them by sharing content on social media, or they rely on their donation or purchase. Not one person within the public eye has ever succeeded without the support of others.

I and the cast and crew of H.I.T.S the series are no different25275710_1510932779.9938_funddescriptionand the people have been kind in giving us donations both through crowdfunding and in person. So, I wanted to Blog and THANK EVERYONE who has supported my endeavors in any way, shape or form. I have been brought to grateful tears by the growing number of people who have showed loyalty by helping me just that much further along. Your monetary contributions, donation of spaces, goods, services, sharing via social media and so many other expressions of love are indescribably appreciated.

As myself, co-producers, cast and crew members work diligently to bring you this series we want to offer you an enormous “THANK YOU” in glitter and sparkling lights for all of your support.

We’ve learned so much through the H.I.T.S series, this narrative that: shines light on human trafficking, offers awareness, do’s and don’ts, and aspires the good people in the world to be heroes in their own way to eliminate human trafficking.

THANK YOU for supporting us, because in supporting us, you join us ending this fungus among us called human trafficking.

For those who would like to make a donation please visit gf.me/u/fipiib

Thank You

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