We Need Heroes in These Streets

June PosterWith all the kids missing, and more going missing every day, I had to do it. I wrote a series about human trafficking.

The goal:  to get the people to form communities again and stand up, band together to ward off human traffickers from invading our communities.

How I plan to pull this off? A series I’m in talks with distributors about to pitch to Netflix after post production. My contact at Netflix was so excited and assured me it’s what Netflix need in their film roster. Actors want to contribute so much so that they only await time and date to film. Crew has been outstanding in mapping out our dilming goals and we will be filming in Red, YES! We are all eager to bring you a binge-worthy series full of suspense, action, mystery and mounds of drama. Again, it’s Human Trafficking comes to the hood, so the goings on are plentiful.

H.I.T.S series will deal with trafficking in everyone’s neck of the woods: Black, White, Latino, Asian; in everyone’s neighborhood.

Human trafficking must stop, it can not continue. Human Trafficking, sex slaves and the like must meet its resting place, once and for all – FOR EVER! And a Shero – She-hero is just the person to do it, along with you least expected community members. When all else fails, any justice will do.

Find out more about H.I.T.S series at:  gf.me/u/d7bpb4


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