Here’s the thing about eating organic:


You have to be sure you eat from farms that ONLY grow organic, because there is this thing called “Wind Drift.”

During the Vietnam war when they were dropping Agent Orange/a STRONG TOXIC pesticide, on the trees etc. to kill the foliage. They learned the wind blew some of the agent on the FarmLand And other Lands and affected the citizens and our troops, giving them cancer.

Today, the pesticide is used, dropped from planes just as they were in Vietnam so the fruits and vegetable trees and farmland to prevent weeds, & bugs from eating the plants. The pesticides kill the weeds and the bugs and when we get the fruit and vegetables if we don’t wash them Β and even if we do they may kill us as well.

However, this Wind Drift actually blows the pesticides as it’s being dropped, so if one side of the land grows Organic and the other doesn’t very often times you can count on Windy days or Days when those big fans are turning they will be blowing those pesticides on even the organic foods via Windrift.
What does this mean? We have to be sure our Organic fruits & vegetables were grown on ALL organic farmlands or we risk Wind drift.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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