Grandma Used to say:

My grandmother used to say,

“When in the land of the one-eyed Giant, close one eye.”

Some of us are a little slow in learning this and other lessons, but we would do right by ourselves to listen to those who came before us. Anytime we went against the grain of what our predecessors taught us, nothing good came of it.  In fact, oftentimes we learned why they said, what they said. To this, I propose we Close One Eye.

Use that how you need, but in short, rarely has anyone shown appreciation for one’s difference. In fact, differences have proven to more so be a reason they ostracize.


3 thoughts on “Grandma Used to say:

  1. was very informative, it is so true that many of us don’t learn from others experiences but from the mistakes we made because we didn’t listen to our elders.
    There are two lessons I never walked away from or forgot that I have followed to the best of my ability my grandmother taught me: 1. treat people like you want to be treated and 2. What ever you choose to do, do it to the best of your ability. Although I stayed with these lessons on both the right and wrong path I took them to heart and they helped me find my way back to what was right.
    Thanks for your wise words.

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