I Am Not Your Negro

My favorite quote by James Baldwin, “I am not a Nigger, and if you think I am, it’s because you need one.”

People do not realize the weight of those words. Often times, people need someone to hate, so they create someone when there is no one or reason to hate. So, if you think we are Nigger, it’s because you need a Nigger/you need someone to hate.

HISTORICALLY speaking, in USA, we all know this to be true because when the blacks and Latino and Asian aren’t around, folk look to hate the Jews. There are so many mixed race people that these are the end of days when people even have anyone left they can hate because of so much mixing over the last century, and they are holding on for dear life.  For if there is no Latino, Black, Jewish, Muslim…to hate, then, who will they have to hate. I’m afraid it may have never occurred to them that they could love. Heck, like, admire, appreciate–accept.

One thought on “I Am Not Your Negro

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