How a Strawberry did Me In

So I was settling in from my flight from Atlanta just trying to relax and let the jet lag wear off, when eating strawberry ice cream my lips began to swell. Now I know what you’re saying I’m probably allergic to strawberries.  However, this has never happened to me before. I had strawberries about 2 weeks ago and several times throughout the summer. I don’t understand what happened but it is Turkey Hill strawberry ice cream and so I wonder if maybe the company they bought their strawberries from uses pesticides. Hmmm, just a thought.

I can’t think of anything else, any other reason my lips swole, but I am afraid of strawberry ice cream. All the while, I yern two scoops at this very moment. I know, just knowing that I cannot have it makes me want it more. Such is life. No, really such is life, for me anyway.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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