What a Day

Today was no typical day, it was pick on Andrea day.

Angry GIRL.bmp

I think today was one of those days that people stood on a line and took turns at me. Why are so many people lacking in Customer Service?  They make you feel like you are imposing on their time. What is the world coming to when you do  not have a nice customer service representative to ask questions?

Has anyone out there in I’m Just Sayin’ land experienced such a thing? When did the rules change? Was it when they began to Outsource a lot of the customer service jobs to different countries? Where are the customer service training workshops? Maybe they don’t care anymore. Whatever the case is something needs to be done about it. How can the company or Corporation expect to make money if they are not providing a comfortable environment  and service? If people do not get the help that they need they will walk out of the establishment & go to a more user-friendly and customer service oriented company.

What say you?

Andrea Clinton


I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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