I Will Survive-and Help Others To…

Well, it’s that time again. A time when we must reassess our lives for betterment.

I am in the process of preparing for the Fall season. How about you? Life seems so redundant, dont you think? Well, with that being said, I am looking over my plans and endeavors to make sure that I still feel about them today, how I felt about them yesterday, in 2015 when I made the plans.

I am a playwright-screenplay writer-journalist-research writer struggling with Lupus. One who loves to help people, whether personally or through my nonprofit organization, People Helping People, Inc.. When things seem to be standing still or moving in circles, and even when they seem to be going very well, I have to redefine or make an assessment of my plan, as we know, although we plan,  there is one who plans much better than us, he being the all-knowing.

This is where I am now.  And I have found that when I assess several times throughout the year, be it a random assessment or a quarterly assessment, sort of like a tune-up or fine-tuning of my plans, goals or endeavors, things turns out much better and I find myself that much further ahead.

Today though, I must do more than see if  I’m on track to move ahead. Inching along will never do. Although I have been blessed with some great opportunities I need to seize the day. I need to be able to write in all the genres I love, direct plays & film from time to time, sell my film scripts and  in between all of this, help people along the way. Is that too much to ask for?Well, it’s me. It’s my goal, it’s my life, it’s Andrea.

When I submitted in the past to Lupus and any other health issue, life as we know it, people or anything holding me back,  I fell into depression and became sicker to the point I thought I was on my death bed. When a publicist told me that if I don’t pull out of it I will die and have none of my books published, none of my plays or films scene and none of my work enjoyed by the masses, I snapped out of it and I began my journey and although it is hard sometimes trying to be recognized among many, with lupus and sometimes seizures pulling at me, I still keep trying to push forward, marching ahead, knowing that through the other great talents and…I will have my day. I will achieve. I will progress much further than the road I see ahead. I will be the writer of sorts who also endulges in other areas of entertainment; who helps people; who lives, not survives, but lives through life and all of its woe.

What about you? Do you self-assess? Where does it take you?

Andrea Clinton,



I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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