Is Whoopi Wrong for Wanting More Proof

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a while but never fret, I’m baaaack., And guess what story prompts my return?

I just watched Whoopi on The View who states she would like to make an informed and educated judgement and doesn’t feel there’s enough on the matter to do so. Where some would say that this was responsible, others evidently feel otherwise and have gone as far as to threaten her per Whoopi. I’m asking, can we measure what is enough proof for another to form an opinion?

I honestly know how she feels. It’s been a looooooooooong time that these women have not come forward, regardless of the reason (and I’m not saying this is how Whoopi feels), but the story is a lot to take in and there’s more we don’t know. Considering how old he is and when this is taking place in his life, one should consider more before condeming Mr. Cosby. And don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look good, just keeping it real, but, the law is the law. And we can’t take matters in our own hands and pass judement all over the place.

This is just my 2 cents. What about yours?

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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