NEW HAIRDO, and a new Positive attitude.

Well, I don’t know about the new attitude, although attitudes can always use adjusting. But I do want a new haircut. I would say a new hairdo, but, that sounds like maintaining and with everything I need to do, with all the investments I’m trying to make for growth, I just don’t want to spend $65 to $125 a month on HAIR!!! That’s just crazy. Also, I’ve been wanting to color my hair for a minute now, but I’ve been so caught up in the long hair thing that I couldn’t because colored hair needs conditioning maintenance and I don’t have the time for it, so, I’ve decided I need to do something–QUICK.

For a minute now (2 or so months), I’ve been thinking of locs, but, it just isn’t me. I’ve thought well, maybe if you cornrow your hair until it grows out the natural hair, you can decide if you really want to do the locs. Well, I did, with 2 inches + new growth in the last month or more I still am not sure of locs. So, why do it if I’m unsure. But I have been more open to cutting my hair down to 3 or four inches, which spells out COLORRRRRRR!!! Because it would be easy for me to maintain myself. Wash it, condition it and done. Now if I wash hair in shower, it’s a job. THEN, i gotta get out and blow dry it or…Uuuuugh!

What do I do? 1.) Loc it & wash them out each 6 to 8 weeks or, 2.) cut, color & just rub on some grooming product every other day. Hmmm, decisions.

I have about 3 days to decide, BUT I’m definitely cutting my hair. I guess the decision really boils down to: Color or Locs–Color or Locs. Hmmm.

Here are some colors & hairdo’s I have on the brain while mulling this over.

hairdoShort hairdoshortJanet hairdoshortred hairdoShortBlond2 shorthairdoGray (this I’m considering since I saw a gray in my head)

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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