RUBY SPARKS inspired my, The Husband

The character Calvin was challenged by his psychologist and the challenge in turn prompted a female character he wrote about that came to life. Seems although his character was whatever he wanted her to be, she still had much of a mind of her own and wants of her own, men, other men.

Well, see the movie, but, this movie prompted me to write either a short story or play titled, “The Husband.” I’m not sure where I’m going with it, but, I will have fun and I will be the main character, the writer/author who creates this character. I’ll be her in personality with character traits taken from several, many women (so as not to scare off any prospective husbands, with soley my own personality lol). I think it will be fun and look forward to starting this venture.

Signing off now,

Your, “Wish-i-was-an Octopus Writer,


One thought on “RUBY SPARKS inspired my, The Husband

  1. Forgot to mention that that film was about a man whose psychiatrist told him to write about his dream woman or…and he did and she came into his life and he realized he controlled her every move. However, she was pulling away from him although neither realized it because, she, her soul wanted a will of its own. Something in her sould didn’t want to be controlled by another human being. She wanted the free will that the Creator of heaven and earth gives those he’s created.

    As she pulls away, his heart is hurting because he feels he’s losing her. I won’t tell more, see the movie. It was interesting I have to say. Very interesting.

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