Cursing. Yes, It’s related to Curses

Heads up, this blog post is based on Curses as discussed on the History Channel’s, The Bible Rules, episode.

I have been telling my students for years, and many of them who follow and subscribe to my blog can attest, that curse words (shit, damn, f*ck, etc.) come from people who deal or delve in that dark side of placing curses on people. This is why when you use these words people say you’ve cursed.

As a matter of fact, I’ve even had a respected elderly woman I know from the south once tell me, for every time someone uses a curse word, they put something on themselves and out into the universe, and people wonder why the world is so harsh or a cruel place to live.

Some are not convinced and never will be, but you just have to ask yourself, why is it when you use these harsh words, do others refer to it as cursing? Then, just entertain this for a minute. You are so angry at your friend for flirting with your fiance’, taking your…without asking, or leaving your bag and it turn was stolen, that you say, “I can’t believe this sh*t! That was so foul, you know what, to hell with him/her!” You’ve just said, ‘To hell with them.” Or, maybe you’ll get so mad while cutting off the friendship you say, “F*ck him/her, I don’t care what happens to them anymore!” Well, you said F*ck them, that is right up there with, ‘To hell with them!’ These are all curses.

Now some of my students took time out to mumble to themselves to try curse words in the ways they’ve been using them and have heard others use them and majority, 9 out of 10 times, they found that any way you twist it or try it on, you see where using those words is inadvertantly placing a curse on the person they’re speaking about.

What I added to top off this brainstorm is, it is said in many religions, even in paganism that when you put a curse on someone, you have to sell, give or offer a piece of yourself to make it happen, like a purchase. So, best not to even bother using these words that put something on someone for not only does it put a thing on them, but it also puts a bit of it on you as a fee or cost.

It ain’t worth it Ms Celie (The Color Purple).

I know we will still slip up and curse (use a curse word) when something happens that upsets us so, but we really have to consider all things before we act because, there is a price we pay for the things we say and do.

Just a thought inspired by the History Channel’s, The Bible Rules, so I thought I would share my 2 cents. I know I could’ve done better, but have started writin a non-fiction book a few years ago about life and the use of curse words is a full chapter. So, consider this a small slice of that pie, lol.Hope I’ve given one to grow on, food for thought, etc.

I’m Just Sayin’

Love, Peace and Hair Grease (while making a fist).


I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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