Rappers Dash in and Out of N. Korea

Making headlines all over the world, Pacman and Peso, two African American rappers from DC, make their way into Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, shot a video (which is illegal, as N. Korea doesn’t allow video taping there), and were able to sneak the tapes out of the country, where they made it safely back home.

Ok, 1st: I don’t believe for one second N. Korea didn’t know these two young men were in the country. I DON’T believe it for a second. I believe they allowed it to see what U.S. might be up to. I believe all countries have a list of who’s flying in from different countries where certain countries citizens are flagged. I believe N. Korea had eyes on those young men every step of the way.

Rappers Went NKorea
Pacman and Peso, rappers

However, if they were not aware these two men came in from U. S. and were filming, I believe the Big Man in N. Korea, Kim Jong Un will be pissed. Remember, he is taking his father’s place and has shoes to fill. If these two young men were in his country, right under his nose and he had no clue, tlhis makes a mockery of him. I’m praying he’s waving his hand at the video taping issue as if it’s a gnat on the scale of things. Because if not, i’m fearing for these young men and their safety.

Why do I fear for their safety when they are back home in these U. S.?
We have a horrible habit as citizens of paying close attention to the last issue, the media, etc. What we do not give way to are old beefs (enemies), which is why most of us still digesting Afghanist and Iraq war looked baffled with Scooby Doo facial expressions and sounds when we heard there was a life threatening beef with N. Korea, “Rooo?!”. People literally screeched, “Where the heck did this issue come from.” But, ironically, it had always been there. We’re so busy looking at the latest enemy of the states and where they may have cells planted or people working from the inside that we don’t always think that may be the case with all old enemies.

Where am I going with all of this? N. Korea and U.S. have history and unresolved issues, and I’ve always believed, especially after SHOWTIME’s, Sleeper Cell, TV show, that they, like other countries have planted cells in U.S. I don’t think N. Korea will take kindly to this videotaping unless it serves a motive for them; or, as I’ve said, they knew all along and allowed it for their own purpose. Otherwise, on that note, I am afraid for these two young men; yes, even with them being back here in the United States of these Americas. Heck, I’m afraid with Dennis Rodman going over there. Toss around scenarios randomly and at will, and you’ll come up with many reasons why Rodman going over there makes me nervous.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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