Billie Holiday, Her Life

Interesting. Sad though, Billie Holiday was raped and the man only did 3 months in jail and she was punished and sent away also. I’m baffled at her story sometimes. So much so, I become mute, mainly because of a torn emotion I carry within. Smh.

Hope when you watch it you don’t think I was being morbid, damned if I don’t feel dreary having watched it while I ate my early dinner; stole my appetite. She’s the only artist who rubs me this way. Ok, so back to writing my next novel for me and hope you enjoy the life of Billie Holiday. If nothing else, let it be a bit of history from people who knew her, where you learn most of those items you saw in the movie were untrue or distorted.

History, go ahead a bite a chunk of it, go ahead, have some.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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