Cicely Tyson Brings it Home to Bountiful

The Trip to BountifulStephen Sondheim TheatreWhat it must be like to long for home, to remember, to feel again…

Cicely Tyson longs for Bountiful in, A Trip to Bountiful, a play about an older woman who misses home and has been for some years, trying to escape the house with her son & meany daughter in law, Vanessa Williams, to see home, and possible live and die there in her old age. She feels  she she belongs there and that it is pertinent that she returns. Sadly, when she finally does escape, all the people she encounters are but temporary entertainment, where she finds herself alone, yet again, with the goal in mind to get to bountiful.

For Bountiful, her home, to be this place that has such a hold on her, the struggle to get back to her roots was just as much of an issue or problematic as her present living conditions, living with her mean daughter in law. While living at home seems to be a task, the trip to Bountiful is an absolute hardship. Anything that can go wrong, does. This is sad enough when a young wife of a veteran, who’s already missing her husband who’s at war, finds herself caught up in the mix, as well as an elderly bus station attendant. But for a elderly lady who’s ready to leave it all behind to recapture the essence of home, where she was born, raised, taught to appreciate life, birds, country living and adulthood; where she in turn marries, gives life and raises her family; buries her father and then mother, only to age herself, she was wanting a lot. She knows it, she knows what it is she wants, and it’s almost like she knows the effect it will have upon her. This lady, in all her humor for life and everything its dealt her, needed, wanted and fulfilled her trip to bountiful, But you’ve got to go and see the things she experiences along the way and experience her want for home, what use to be and never will be again, with exception to the essence that will  one day be felt in the breeze when her home is gone and all is left is the aura of, Bountiful.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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