Clouds: Have ya Checked Them Out Lately

I’ve seen some clouds in my day, but some of the clouds I’m seeing in pictures are really scaring me. Check out these clouds i’m posting below and please click on them to learn more about them and the photographers, etc.

1. Does’t this cloud make you feel someone is trying to build a stairway to the heavens? Or maybe some sort of beam me up from StarGate.


2. Is this cloud or is it not a pathway from Africa to the Americas? I’m just sayin’


3. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think these were Cloud-pods carrying folk to & fro, descending or ascending…you figure it out, I’m stumped.


4. Here, I fear that Hell has erupted or raining upon us. What in the world? Scary. I PROMISE  YOU, if I walked out my door and saw this, I would go back in side, lock the doors, drop to my knees and pray. What in the world~


This is either what it might look like when an evil soul ascends to the heavens, idunno, for judgment or something, or Evil tries to prevail it. Just a guess, I’m not sure. But I’m just sayin’, because this looks crazy/scary and makes you go, hmmmmmmm, not to mention question if you prayed today.

My son says it looks like a humming bird, facing left; I see it. Now i’m really afraid. What’s he humming about/trying to tell on us & our behavior here on earth. Yeah, sounds like i have a guilty conscious, you’re right.


The Aliens have arrived. You won’t convince me otherwise. And, I’m intimidated, out of my skin.


I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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