TSA Agent Pats Lady to Tears

Woman is seen crying her eyes out over a pat down by a TSA agent at an airport in USA. While I feel her pain, having gone through pat downs and had women go up between the legs, starting their pat down at the top of your crotch, I don’t know if it was worth all of the crying. But then, Buella didn’t pat me down like she did the lady in pink in the video Huffington Post is sending across the nation. However, a poll was taken asking if pat downs are too much or if saying they’re an issue is over exaggerated. Hmmm, I voted over exaggerated, only because I’d rather be felt up then blown up. I mean, with all the people around, we know the women they have to pat you down aren’t trying to get their grove back, so, for safety sake, I’m good with it. How about you?

Someone found humor in the TSA account:

More Pat Down Woe

People will find humor in anything. That lady in the pink was mortified (or an activist acting for the cause)

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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