Been Away For a Minute, Please 4Give me :(

Tupac, Dre & Snoop

Ok, so, it’s been a minute, I’ve been away. I haven’t personally published anything but did ask that somethings be put up, but ok, i’m back anyway. Miss you all and sorry for the delay xoxoxo. But we’re on and poppin again, sooooo,  what’s new besides the fact that Tupac was in concert with Snoop & Dr. Dre?

Yes, I saw it and it just touched my heart. But, I don’t know if this new hologram thing will allow folk to Rest in Peace? What’s your take on this? A few people on twitter sort of turned their nose up to it. I dunno, I enjoyed it so much, maybe too much, “Put some clothes on Pac,” i’m just sayin’.

The whole hologram idea reminded me of the movie, “Simone” with Al Pacino. I wanna say I wouldn’t buy a ticket to watch an entire show of him in a hologram, but folks, I dunno, I think Tupac just might get that off on a four hour show. Okay, maybe two to three hours. Ok, i’m tired; I don’t know what I’m saying. Enjoy the video and all of its stalling, lol.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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