Thanks For Your Support!!!

Life Knows No Bounds

I would like to thank all of you who have supported me by purchasing, “One Who Loves You More” from the Life Knows No Bounds series. I’m glad you love it and are referring friends to buy it. I can’t wait until you read the 2nd book in the Life Knows No Bounds series, which is titled, “A Blessing and a Curse”

Life Knows No Bounds

I have a BONUS for you though. I had a story come to me when I was out shopping and I ran to put it down for  you, the title is “Dollar Red.” Then there was the story that came to me at the hotel when I was in Chicago attending the 3rd Annual Book Clubs Unite, event last year. This story is titled, “A Flask Short” which I had a fun time writing.

I put these two stories together and came up with a short short story book for you. It will go up for sale at $.99 March 20, 2012. Now, the two stories are not your typical storyline. They’re different, cooky, but what reels you in is relating to the characters, their environment and the goings on in the book. You arrive at the climax only to feel different being there. I had fun writing them because they weren’t your typical-usual Around-The-Way stories, whether you’re from the south, north or even the west coast.

Again, it’s not your average novel. But, it came to me, so I wrote it for you. I will be announcing more very soon. Again thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to share more of my stories with you, including those short shorts that I wrote for magazines and newspapers that will soon be coming your way. Thank you and you will be hearing from me soon.

Andrea Clinton


A Dolla Red, A Flask Short

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