Picture capturing Africans taking the Amistad ship the Spaniards used to kidnap and sell them into slavery.

Today in Black History, I bring to you AMISTAD information. It is only right since I am Editor in Chief of AMISTAD eNewspaper. My tribute and that of the staff of AMISTAD, will be given through the month of Black History month and further throughout the year. For starters, join me in clicking the link and learning the true history of Amistad, given in short. But first, take a look at a letter written to ex President


Dear Friend Mr. Adams:
I want to write a letter to you because you love Mendi people, and you talk to the grand court. We want to tell you one thing. Jose Ruiz say we born in Havana, he tell lie….We all born in Mendi….

We want you to ask the Court what we have done wrong. What for Americans keep us in prison? Some people say Mendi people crazy; Mendi people dolt; because we no talk American language. Merica people no talk Mendi language; Merica people dolt?

They tell bad things about Mendi people, and we no understand. Some men say Mendi people very happy because they laugh and have plenty to eat. Mr. Pendleton come, and Mendi people all look sorry because they think about Mendi land and friends we no see now. Mr. Pendleton say Mendi people angry; white men afraid of Mendi people.  The Mendi people no look sorry again — that why we laugh. But Mendi people feel sorry; O, we can’t tell how sorry. Some people say Mendi people no got souls. Why we feel bad, [if] we no got souls…?

Dear friend Mr. Adams, you have children, you have friends, you love them, you feel sorry if Mendi people come and carry them all to Africa. We feel bad for our friends, and our friends all feel bad for us. If American people give us free we glad, if they no give us free we sorry — we sorry for Mendi peo- ple little, we sorry for American people great deal, because God punish liars. We want you to tell court that Mendi people no want to go back to Havana, we no want to be killed. Dear Friend, we want you to know how we feel. Mendi people think, think, think. Nobody know what we think, the teacher he know, we tell him some. Mendi people have got souls….All we want is make us free.


Some people have completely lost it.
@BBCWorld: VIDEO: German eats 64-year-old US lard http://t.co/D4fmE6eq -Spotted By Andrea Clinton

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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