Mc Death Does it Again:

ImageMc Donalds has been exposed and we now know its UGLY face, thanks to Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver. McDonalds has been putting ammonium hydroxide in it’s burgers to help kill the bacterias which set in and cause meat to go bad. Ammonium hydroxide is used in cleaning products to kill germs and bacterias. 

Jamie, Thanks for having the moxie to expose these money loving vultures. They’ve plugged their fast food stores all across the nation and almost double or triple in black neighborhoods. They plugged them just as others have plugged their liquor stores, bars and taverns. Anything to make a quick buck! So what if you kill a bunch of N…i’m so tempted. Oooooh, the anger I feel right now. My family, your family and EVERYONE but the owner of McDonalds owner’s family have been eating this CRAP!!! This is SHAMEFUL!!!

Sadly, African Americans were so in love with Mc Donalds. The entire time, it never dawned on any of them that between the two all beef patties, and in the special sauce, was a pink slime from chemicals, cancer causing chemicals after decades of eating or consuming. You wanna know how much some of us embraced Mc Donald’s stankin…? Here, this much: Image








READ more on Mc Death, I mean Mc Donalds here:


We need to start boycotting Mc Donalds. Do you understand the seriousness of this. It’s like a tree with sooooo many branches. Here’s one example of messing U.S. citizens over:

They say black men’s life expectancy in USA is between 40’s & 60’s. But check his out, everyone is doomed. There’s was a time when cancer did not run ramped. Now, everyone and their momma has cancer. The companies use bacteria killing agents in EVERYTHING: water, meats, milk to name a few. In other countries, they just pasteurize the milk, in our country, they put antibiotics in milk and shoot the animals with it. They give hormones and steroids to animals, then we eat them. Some of these things will hurt us in other ways such as giving a cow steroids and then we eat the cow as a steak, consuming the steroids (which they’ll probably say wore off in the cooking process) however, you wonder why you growing big as an ox and you’re eating the same portions. It’s the steroids they put in meats. You wonder why the antibiotics don’t work on you, well to keep the meet in good shape for travel, they give the animals antibiotics. Helloooo, they aren’t doing this for us to get our food, they do this to lose less product and make more money. Now, back to cancer causing chemicals: students at a school I attended did a science experiment on water from Irvington NJ, E. Orang, NJ and Newark, NJ. The cities put he chemicals in the water to kill the bacterias so there wouldn’t be so many the water is deadly. However, with a certain range to work from, each city decided on the amount of chemicals they would use. With Newark having Anheuser Busch beer company, high tax payers, they need the freshest water. If customers get sick, they won’t buy…so, they students found Newark used the most chemicals. East Orange used less than Newark and Irvington used far less. What does this mean? Newark has far less living organisms in their water, but, the chemicals will subject the average Newark resident who drinks the water on a regular basis to cancer in 20 to 30 years time. East Orange used less chemicals so it will subject it’s residents to cancer 10 or more years later. Irvington who didn’t use nearly as many chemicals in it’s water doesn’t have this problem, but yet another. Their residents won’t have to worry about cancer from this water at all given the small amount of chemicals they use, HOWEVER, the living organisms found in their water will subject them to viruses and even parasites entering, growing and living in their bodies because of the nasty water hardly treated. So, people have to decide…again, life with it’s decisions.

However, this McDonalds thing is a totally different animal. We don’t need McDonalds to survive! It’s cheap and convenient but we don’t need it. Will they get it together? I don’t know but, I don’t care. I will NOT eat from them and they have had these practices. Do you know how many decades will pass before we find out the next Horrific thing they are doing? 


I’m outraged and baffled; I’m…

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