Man Blew Off His Jewels? Really? SMDH!

ImageI heard Comedian tell a joke about this man who put a bomb in his pants and when the heat arose from his testies, the bomb exploded and blew his stuff off. What in Sam Hill were you thinking? A waist of genitalia.

Okay, once and for all, NO religion has permission from God Almight, to go set it off and/or take your life in the process. STOP!!! Y’all taking this too far. Furthermore, it is a sin to waist or destroy the greatest gift God gave you, which is your life and others. Unless someone is trying to harm your person, calm the heck down. Let love shine and stop the craziness; what the, what? Check out recent news in my newspaper: AMISTAD in link:


I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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