How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

Ladies, gentlemen, many of us will fight for our love. Some of us will go farther than others. In fact, many of us will actually FIGHT.  Others of us will do some things we wouldn’t ordinarily do. So, I ask you today, how far are  you willing to go? How far would you go to preserve your relationship? Steal? Lie? Play games? Check cell phone text and messages? Check wallet? Follow them? Hire a detective? Put cameras around?

How low will you go?

3 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

  1. TaNisha, I agree 100% and the people need to know like you said, if you are asking the question, you already know the answer–but want any excuse, anything, "It wasn't me," "My bad, you know I love you," or even, "Baby I did it to wake us both up; make us stronger."Girl, I KAIN'T take it. I do believe as wrong as it is, it may be our fault, the person questioning. Because we are often in a dream world and want our mate to join us there.

  2. I believe in going straight to the source if I suspect something. But before I do that I tend to observe a lot just to make sure I'm not thinking up anything. Generally things will fall into my lap without me having to snoop. We all grown so if I have to ask questions then more then likely I already know the answer. I'm just waiting for him to tell the truth. I will also ask the other person (female) involved. I won't fight or cut no one over a man but I will ask questions if I feel that I need to. At this point he's doing something or he's allowing one of his female friends to interfere in our relationship somehow, which females sometimes do not know their place vs male friends. Either way, he's going to become an EX real quick.

  3. I will not lie and say that I am above checking wallets and cell phones because I've done it many moons ago. However, I will say that I am so over and past that type of reaction. My mother use to say if you have to do all of that, then maybeeeee…With that being said, how far will I go? Hmmm, i might find myself listening to a phone conversation, calling a number back, asking him what the heck is up, lol. I think that's it. Anything outside of that, I know the deal and need to face the music. As my father said, you know your mate is cheating long before it's out in the open.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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