I can’t believe, we’ve been praying for Japan and then, we get hit with a quake. A 5.9 earthquake shakes the east coast on many levels. The Epicenter of the quake wasn’t even a mile deep, but was felt from NC to NY & RI.

Many were buzzing about the quake on twitter and Facebook, afraid, not knowing what more to expect. Then there were those like me, conspiracy theorist who are watching, eyes wide open just to be sure and on alert that there is nothing else we should be concerned about.

So far a few aftershocks were noted near DC area, however, nothing up north. Tweeters have tweeted that some streets were hectic there in DC and the people were in hysterics in business areas. People are warned to stand under doorways or go under tables in the event of another earthquake. Meanwhile, the rest of us are praying for no surprise aftershocks, while meteorologist report, no tsunami is underway.

To this end, we pray that there will be no need to continue this post, on any level. As we look forward to more pleasant circumstances, and pleasantries.

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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