MC Lyte – Shedding light on Sisterhood

So, I was trying to get this Twitter thing down when I saw a few people I wanted to befriend, oh that’s facebook; well, that i wanted to follow. Long story short, I went from following one to the other to finaly I saw MC Lyte. To my surprise, as my goal was to learn Twitter (although I can’t help but feel like a twit when on there because just as soon as I think I’ve got it, I lose it), I was so happy because I’m like, if I’m going to follow folks, I at least want to follow those I have something in common with or that I really like and/or admire.
Long story short, again, I see her website and decide to check it out. I read and see she has a few sites going on. So, I was fortunate enough to review one of the sites titled, “Okay Sister.”  Why do I like the name of this site so much guys–I’ll tell you why. Because it’s subtle and to the point. The minute I opened the site I felt invited in; a very nice site. Lyte shares her whereabouts with you, her goings on, who she’s with, why, etc. I love this because I see Lyte as a real person and I love knowing how she’s doing, because I knew she had the talent and the knack to be one of the greatest MC’s of our time, really. I also love knowing how Toni Braxton is doing, who confirmed for me on Twitter that she also has Lupus; having Lupus myself I of course want to know about my sister…

But anywayze, I’m so excited I get to follow Lyte’s blog. I’m sure you all will be as excited, and I have to tell you. When you visit her site you feel like you are getting celebrity scoops in a decent and moral way; fun and clean cut, not like the tabloids.  Imagine back in the day, waking up on a Sunday morning, sitting on the stoop of your neighborhood eating your bowl of cereal, and you see your friend and ask her how the party was last night. She sits with her bowl of cereal and tells you who was there, what type of event it was, what she did, how much fun they had, how the music was, etc. Well, this is similar. I felt enlightened. Ironic right.

Okay, i’m out. I hope I wasn’t in journalist mode too much was I. I hate to flip flop as I’m working on two screenplays, reviewing my next novel and trying to go after conventional publishers, and, I just can’t be in this journalist mode y’all have me in {folded arms, smirk on face}.

Peace, {in my Pam from Martin voice}

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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