Facebook Fan Page

Hello all. I know most of you read and don’t comment because you don’t want to join gmail, etc., so I make sure to pop in every now and again to drop a line or three.

Well, recently, I’ve started a fan page on Facebook. Funny though, because I was not a Facebook fan. I mean, it’s a means to communicate but…

Anyway, now we have this page and I have lots of reviews to add, pictures of my uncle George and other family members, pics of the book party and soon will be announcing another book party for those of you who didn’t make the first one.

Okay, Peace for now. Please support by purchasing the book through any of the following: Ebay.com; http://www.AroundTheWayPublishing.com; PayPal.com or Amazon.com

Talk to you soon,
Sis. Andrea aka Samirah aka Renee’

I'm just sayin', what's your take?

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