Jill Scott & Anika Noni Rose

I just can’t take it! This picture takes me through so many EMOTIONS!

Jill Scott and Anika Noni Rose out do themselves in this new HBO series
No. 1 Ladies’ Detective

I am so enjoying it. But the recent episode that I’ve watched really sent me over the top. I felt laughter, as Anika aka Grace Makutsi is hilarious; I felt sorrow for the lost American whose mother has to know what happened to her son; I felt the love I’d feel in my heart if I could go to Africa, any part and visit the motherland; but then I felt sadness with the results of the investigation, and when Precious Ramotswe aka Jill Scott visited the grave of her baby, a baby she lost due to a beating by her ex-husband.

I won’t lie though, the show is very interesting and entertaining. However, when they start talkin that voodoo hoodoo, which i only saw once, and mildly, I began to ponder how long I would watch it. Somethings, I just can’t do.

This movie has reeled me in like no other. I thought “The Wire” had me going, and “Oz,” well I can’t explain the eerie…feeling that series offered, but Jill Scott and crew are a delight to watch and I don’t like detective stories.

My mother tried to get me to like Nancy Drew, my grandmother introduced me to Sherlock Holmes, and my professor tried to introduce hard boil fiction. But, HBO did a GREAT job introducing me to and maintaining my interest in watching and following the series of, “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.”

Watch it, you’ll enjoy it. Check out the website

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