Count Down Til We Publish

Okay, so, we’re at the count down on publishing the 1st series of novels for
Life Knows No Bounds, which is titled 1 Who Luvs U More. We’re very excited
and have added several people to our company to include a marketer, publicist, and

This novel has been ready but excited about putting out a novel that will capture
the audience’s attention, we’ve been tugging it back and forth. But, now’s the time.

We’ve even found a model to take a picture for the cover. She looks just like none
other than Lisa Raye from “All of Us,” and “Player’s Club.” I’ve discussed with her that she should really consider acting, so we’ll see what happens. But I gotta tell you, she acted well when portraying a sad and lonely Alisa, the main character of
“1 Who Luvs U More” for the front cover.

Well, I’ll be back to fill you in on the progression of our novel.
Love, Peace and Hair Grease,
“Did I say that outloud,”
Lyrically Ill

2 thoughts on “Count Down Til We Publish

  1. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your comments. Do tell all your friends and others about the book. It will be available on very soon.Feel free to dialogue about the book in the next comment on this blog and remember, reading is not just fundamental, it takes the reader out of this world and into so many. Read as an affordable getaway.Some of my favorite authors and books that I think you might be interested in are:- Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser- Family by J. California Cooper- Mother To Mother by Sindewe Magona, you can find it on for $.67 please order it, or get it from the library. It's an informative read.

  2. Omg! I had the honor of reading it and let me tell you, I loved it from beginning to end. There were enough emotions that i went through reading it which definitely is good. Thanks Ms. Clinton, you gave me another person to look up too

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