Regarding My Novel

Well, I’ve got a lot of feedback from professionals, Entertainment Lawyers, Publicist, Agents and Published Authors. It appears that the novel I was going to publish Life Knows No Bounds has a few changes:

– I will not publish with Print On Demand as they get 75% of profits, leaving me less than 25%
– I have started my own publishing company so I can make the 75% myself, along with more
as an Author.
– I will not be publishing a book of short stories, as told to me by an associate and publicist, I will
be instead publishing 5 novels within the next few years, as she puts it, “Novellas aren’t really
selling,” and your book has far more than the # of pages for a novel.
– Each of the novels will bare the title Life Knows No Bounds as a title, with their own sub title.

These are changes I didn’t want to do. Being the rebel I am I wanted to do things my way, like Frank Sinatra sang. But, in this case my way wasn’t going to benefit anyone, me, the publisher; anyone. So, I am submitting/conforming to the way things are done, and I guess I can creatively express myself later when I am a known someobody, right?

Even out of the Novel, Life Knows No Bounds

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